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Provision of Child Health Information and Support: A Healthy Child is the Foundation of a Healthy Nation.

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The LHCHF is dedicated to the improvement of health outcomes for children by encouraging a culture of informed preventive medical practice and the use of best evidence for paediatric practice.

In support of excellence , we hope to facilitate the use of best equipment and improve continuous professional development with updated e-learning portal.

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Don't you just love a good day out helping those who really need it? We were met with glee and gratitude for all the gifts showered on the inhabitants of the IDP Camp! #healthcare #outreach #research #childhealthcare #philanthropy #advocacy #governance LadyHelenCHF photo

Finally, please remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is. Nobody can double your money for you. Why would they? You can’t get money from “money rituals.” There are no shortcuts. Your best bet is hardwork, consistency and prayers. Please help RT. Thanks. LadyHelenCHF photo

Three years ago, I became the Minister of Health with a promise to do my best in turning the health indices around for the better. I focused on three main areas: (i) Improving Primary Health Care Delivery (ii) Improving our ability to manage NCDs in our tertiary hospitals. LadyHelenCHF photo

Pneumonia: Big killer of little children on rampage in Nigeria, 4 others

We are excited about the steps we are taking to improve healthcare in children. Please follow us and keep tabs or better still, join us!
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Until you lend a helping hand, you really haven't experienced pure joy. Show your support today! LadyHelenCHF photo
Lady Helen Child Foundation
Lady Helen Child Foundation
Chronic diarrhea and Malabsorption - Salient clinical issues
By: Dr E B Odeka
UNICEF Nigeria
Lady Helen Child Foundation
Lady Helen Child Foundation
Thomas Carlyle tells how when he was a boy, a needy man came to the door and he was alone in the house. On an impulse, he broke into his own savings and gave the visitor all that was in it and he said that never before or since did he know such sheer happiness. #Thereisjoyingiving
Lady Helen Child Foundation
Lady Helen Child Foundation
We offer support to children through Good Governance, Consultation, Research and Medical Best Practice. Join us in making health care better for all children in Nigeria.
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