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Dr Francisca Odeka

Director and Foundation Secretary
Dr. Francisca Odeka is the Managing Partner of Frandek International Consulting Limited an affiliate of Lady Helen Child Health Foundation. Dr. Francisca Odeka is a Public Sector Reform Expert especially in the area of Performance Management, Capacity Building, Quality Assurance, Policy Development and Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.


These are skills and expertise that she brings to bear in her role as one of the Directors of Lady Helen Child Health Foundation.


Dr. Odeka is a seasoned consultant with extensive expertise in Capacity Building and Training Delivery, these expertise that she is making use of in all sphere of the Public Sector. Over the years she has worked in collaboration with the Primary Health Care to develop Capacity Building Programmes including Performance Management Tools to support the Sector in its effort to ensure that its employees are working to its optimum. Dr. Odeka is a top management coach; she has attended courses in business management and women entrepreneurship in Harvard Business School. Other areas of expertise are in the area of Human Resource Management, Strategic Leadership, Risk Management and Public Protection. Dr. Odeka who is a trained Mass Communication Expert, returned to Nigeria in 2010 to play her part in the development of the Country. She is passionate about Change in all aspects of the public sector and advocates this through her Change Management Lectures.