Mission and Core Values

To improve health outcomes for children by encouraging a culture of informed preventive medical practice and the use of best evidence for Paediatric practice. We are also geared towards lifting the spirit of the Nigerian vulnerable children through on going best medical practice. We are therefore connected to the larger goal of facilitating the development of our future by the improvement of life of children.

The Lady Helen Core Values are:

• Quality Assurance • Integrity • Financial stewardship • Continuous Learning Development • Child Rights Advocacy • Partnership, Commitment and achieving best outcomes for those we support

Every Child Deserves a Healthy Life

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Research: Awareness, Actions, and Support Related to COVID-19 Among Orphanages in the Federal Territory of Abuja at onset of Restricted Movement in March- April 2020.
Dr. Benjamin Odeka MB DCH MA (law) FRCP(London)FRCPCH

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In Nigeria, child’s right practice is well within the ambit of Governmental Influence, Family Structure, Environmental factor and the civil society involvement...
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