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LHCHF - The Inspiration

LHCHF was incorporated in October 2017 from private financing in memory of Lady Helen Odeka, a devoted healthcare and social worker who dedicated over 50 years of her working life to care for mothers and children in the Western part of Nigeria. Initially, she trained as a teacher and was engaged in Christian charity work which exposed her to the plight of nursing mothers and babies. This inspired her to train as a nurse and midwife. After gaining both qualifications, she embarked on a long meritorious service in the health sector of the western region of Nigeria. She progressed to become a Sister, Nursing Administrator and an Educator. She advanced the training and quality of nursing and midwifery service in her own way in the former Western Region and later Old Bendel State of Nigeria. The Foundation founded in her honour is geared towards improving the health outcomes for children and mothers by promoting a strong culture of preventive and quality measures in healthcare provision. This will be advanced by supporting good communication of essential health information, relevant topical research information, conducting relevant seminars in addition to the direct provision of immunization support and directing patients to suitable referral portals for consultations.


To improve health outcomes for children by encouraging a culture of informed preventive medical practice and the use of best evidence for managing children’s medical needs.


We help local nonprofits access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more.
Our Core Values are:•Quality Assurance •Patient Treatment Assistance Programme (PTAP) •Integrity •Financial stewardship •Research •Continuous Learning •Development •Child Rights Advocacy •Partnership, Commitment and achieving best outcomes for those we support

Meet Our Team

Dr. Benjamin Odeka

Director/ Chief Executive and Founder

Dr Francisca Odeka

Director and Foundation Secretary

Mr. Christopher Osarumwense

Non Executive Director

Justice Gladys Kpenikpe Olotu

Non Executive Director